5 reasons why your resume looks like sh*t

21 Oct

Recruiters and employers see anywhere between 10 to 20 resumes a day - and that's a modest estimation. Nothing makes us groan and roll our eyes more than an overworked autobiography.

1) It's longer than Gone With The Wind

It seems a lot of people don't know the difference between a CV and a resume.  A resume is a one-pager - think of it like a flyer that markets you and your experience and skills.
Just like any advertisement, your resume should highlight all the best bits of what you have to offer and leave the reader wanting for more.
Open your resume.  Don't read - look.  If it looks more like a novel and not a well-designed summary of your experience and qualifications, your resume needs some work.

2) "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Axe all that clutter no one else cares about.  It's lovely you won a bronze medal at your Primary School, Grade 4 Athletics Day 100m Sprint back in 1984 but HARD TRUTH buddy - no one cares.  And it's a little sad it's even on there, to be honest.   Axe it. No one is reading all that fluff.  No one cares.    
A lot of relics of the past don't belong on the modern-day resume.  A picture speaks a thousand words - include a professional, clear, photograph in the layout of your resume and go ahead and delete your gender, race, and age.  It's so 1984 - in so many ways.

3)  Your resume is your first interview

Think of your resume as your first interview.  When you have an interview (hopefully) you put on a suit and tie or a lip and do your hair just right - you want to make a good first impression right? 

Sure, the old MSWord 97 template your school guidance counselor handed out when you graduated high school will do the job.  But, is that the first impression you want to make? Just take a look at these example resumes below - I'll let you be the judge.  

4) Save As:  .pdf

PDF is just better.  End of paragraph.  

Saving your resume as a pdf makes a fixed "image" of the document you're sending out.  The format and layout doesn't change.  Older (or newer) versions of MSWord shift around all the layout and design elements you obsessed over for hours and ruin the whole aesthetic.  Save your final draft as a PDF file and send that one out instead.  

5) You've heard of the Internet, right?

There are awesome, easy-to-use, online resume generators.  

A quick Google search for "free resume generator" will get you thousands of hits.  

They are user-friendly; prompt you to enter specific, relevant information and let you choose from loads of different templates and layouts.  
Here are a few of the more popular online resume generators:


There really is no excuse to be sending that fugly old dead-sea scroll of a resume out anymore.  You are a unique and beautiful snowflake - and your resume should express that dammit.

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